The Glenlivet

Driving Engagement & Conversion via Chat

In honor of their founder, George Smith, The Glenlivet Singapore introduced The Founder’s Reserve - an honest and true recreation of Smith’s original vision of whisky. In this iconic launch, The Glenlivet Singapore planned to run a one-for-one promotion across multiple participating bars in Clarke Quay in a month-long campaign.

The Challenge

Given this was the first time the brand was executing such a launch, they wanted a current and innovative way to create buzz around the Founder’s Reserve. Yet, given their clientele, the greatest challenge was then to find a mobile solution that was intriguingly fresh yet frictionless in user adoption.

The Solution

AiChat was hence appointed to recommend a Messenger chatbot solution, integrated with The Glenlivet’s Facebook page which had about 700,000 fans then. Our strategy anchored around the customer experience in ensuring the redemption process was as seamless as possible, through a chat flow which was voiced by George Smith himself.

This covered the steps to redeeming your free glass or free bottle, identifying your bar of choice and getting more info on the campaign mechanics. With all the chat data analyzed in real time, we also wanted to ensure remarketing and outreach measures were maximised by sending reminders to users who had balance redemptions and for them to share the promotion easily with their friends through Messenger.

The Results

The average chat session lasted for around 5:20 min, which showed a heightened level of engagement with their customers (and perhaps that George was quite a conversationalist). There was also a significant 17.3% of returning customers who came back to engage with the bot the next day.

Specifically on redemption, the overall results exceeded expectations with a total of 886 unique users who chatted with “George Smith” and a conversion rate of 55.3% (more than 5 times of the KPI of 10%) out of the eventual 1,100 users (including those who engaged with the chatbot through friends who shared the chatbot with them) who clicked on the redemption option.

“The Glenlivet chatbot was used as an innovation to help us launch a new SKU of The Glenlivet which was to attract new, younger consumers to the brand. We brainstormed as to how we could interact with this demographic & on what platform. This presented an aptly innovative use of chat engagements to inaugurate our product launch campaign for this brand. The results were overwhelming with the chatbot driving more than 5 times the sales conversion KPI and garnering high engagement rate that averaged at 5:20 min – significantly exceeding the average stats of our typical campaign. A successful launch, thanks to the AiChat team who were always on the same page and delivered beyond expectations.”

– Denis English, Assistant Brand Community Manager

Driving 5 times more leads conversion via Facebook Messenger chatbot