Conversational Service Suite

Achieve 72% more customer happiness with AI + Human customer support software.

Create a support environment that allows for automated conversations, human and A.I collaboration, as well as a 360 view of the customer that enables you to build better relationships with your customers.

Automated Reply

Provide better customer experience with instant response every time – even when it is after office hours. Resolve at least 30% of your frequently asked questions real-time with a virtual assistant, reducing resolution times and let your team focus on building meaningful customer relationships.

Drag-and-Drop Bot Builder

Our visual drag-and-drop builder makes it easy and fun to setup your chatbot. No programming required - just connect your customers' favourite messaging channels to AiChat and your bot will be up in no time.

Unified Chat Channels

Empower your customer service team to manage all messaging channels in one screen, unifying the customer interactions into a persistent omni-channel conversation.

A.I Assisted Live Chat

When a new message is received, AI suggests the high confidence answers to the agent. The agent can insert the template answer promptly without having to search through huge knowledge base and the bot learns from every interaction by the agent.

Capture and qualify more leads from chat

Instead of relying on lengthy forms and gated content to try and capture your leads, proactively engage them when they’re live on your website or messaging channels. AiChat connects your business with the best leads in real-time.

Smart Routing to Agents

After qualifying the leads, bot routes them to the most suitable agent or department and keeps your CRM in sync.

Appointment Booking

When the leads are qualified and ready to buy, bot automates the appointment booking and connects him with the most suitable sales representative.

Survey Builder

Create surveys using our chat bot survey builder and seamlessly deploy to your website and your messaging channels. You can create your very own conversational surveys and get better results from your respondents.

Customer 360 View

Build a 360-degree view of your customers to understand the support costs, chat sentiments, interests, segment group, historical and current activities in different chat channels.

Chat Analytics

View metrics at a glance on AiChat analytic dashboard to learn about the bot's performance, engagement rate, chat sentiments, user retention and gain actionable insights to help you optimize the messaging strategy to engage your customers effectively.