Powering 50,000,000 conversations every month for trusted brands across Asia

Increase 5x sales conversion rate. Average of 5:30 minutes engagement rate.

Handles 73.5% of the inquiries automatically without any human assistance.

28.9% interests gained in test drive booking.

79.8% open-rate in targeted message broadcast.

Engage, qualify, convert and keep more customers with AiChat Messaging + A.I Solution.

The digital revolution has brought radical change the way people communicates. People are spending more time on messaging apps than social media. How can you deliver the content through all popular messaging channels and keep up with user’s on-demand request? With AiChat Messaging + A.I solution you can develop audiences by responding to individuals based on their unique interests and behaviors, and build valuable business relationships by cultivating deeper connections your customers.

Guide more automated and personalized engagements, driving proven best practices across chat channels with the right cadence, supported by marketing.

Automated responses

Reducing the volume of these highly repetitive inquiries while providing a superior user experience for your customers.

Personalized promotions

Entice your audience with targeted offers, deals, and promotions to generate additional revenue.


Attract and keep individuals’ attention and acquire more users through interactive experiences.

Gated content

Generate leads by providing prospects with valuable information in exchange for their information.

Bot automatically qualifies new leads and routes them to the right place.

Leads scoring

Grade your leads to ensure that only the most qualified leads get passed to sales.

Smart routing

Chatbot routes the qualified leads to the most relevant sales agent.

Book appointment

Chatbot automatically schedules sales meetings with your best leads, 24//7.

Keeps CRM in sync

Integrates and automatically syncs data to Salesforce, Hubspot and more.

Nurture and convert leads via messaging campaign, personalized recommendations and connecting them to the right agent.

Personalized series of messages

Our powerful chat marketing supports batch triggered messages to help you nurture your leads.

Human takeover

Connect with the most relevant sales agent to take over the conversation and close the deal.

Product recommendations

Delight customers with trustworthy product recommendations across multiple chat channels.

Targeted Broadcast

Based on lead score, you can send targeted messages to subscribers who are most likely to convert.

Gain actionable insights from in-depth analytics to optimize your messaging strategy and keep customers happy.

Retargeting Ads

Reach out to users who have chatted with your bot before, and send them personalized offers to convert them into paying customers.

Analytics and reports

Provides powerful insights into the performance of your Messaging campaign, helping you to prove marketing ROI and uncover what works best for your customers.

Personalized content

Machine learns about the users' preferences over time through the chat activities and only sends out relevant messages to re-engage them.

Useful utilities tools

Beyond FAQs and selling, bots are also capable of providing useful tools such as reminders and progress trackers that keeps your customers engaged.

Automating 91% of Customer Service Support and Boost Test Drive KPIs via Messaging



Reduce Cost

  • Less manpower
  • Improve customer experience
  • Improve Services quality and Customer satisfaction

Increase Sales

  • Increase engagement
  • Capture leads
  • Cross-sell & upsell
  • Drive sales conversion

Improve Customer's Retention

  • Re-engage customers
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Drive brand advocacy

AiChat is now part of reAlpha Tech Corp. (NASDAQ: AIRE) Read the press release.