SISTIC Singapore

Delivering Exceptional CX At Scale With AI-Powered Chatbot

Success Story

SISTIC uses AI-powered chatbot on Facebook Messenger and on their website to drive engagement and enhance customer experience, resolving over 81% of customer inquiries via bot automation, resulting in 3.4x user growth on Messenger platform and 3X increase in operational efficiency over a 2-year period (from January 2020 to August 2022).


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The Story

SISTIC is Singapore’s largest ticketing agency and one of the country’s leading e-commerce players, selling over 6 million tickets annually. A pioneer in the industry, they partner with an extensive portfolio of major events and experiences. They help event organisers and content creators grow by enabling consumers to discover, engage and consume their digital and live experiences via SISTIC and their partner networks. They empower their clients and ecosystem partners to achieve success in Singapore and beyond by leveraging their marketplace, data insights and innovation.

Their vision is to be Southeast Asia’s leading events and experience platform and their mission is to create and innovate a platform that engages and delights consumers, clients and ecosystem partners, empowered by data and meaningful relationships. The adoption of conversational AI in automating their customer service is a key cornerstone of SISTIC’s digital transformation journey from late 2019.

The Goal

Accessible and proactive customer experience

SISTIC wanted a better, faster and cost efficient way of handling large volumes of commonly-asked questions, especially during the peak event periods without compromising on speed and customer satisfaction. In addition, the ticketing agency giant was also looking to provide personalized event recommendations via user profiling and segmentation.

The Solution

Deeper engagement and exceptional CX at scale with automation

Working with AiChat, SISTIC introduces an AI-powered conversational experience for two of their key digital channels: website and Facebook Messenger.

With SISTIC bot, customers can get instant answers to frequently-asked questions related to booking information, exchange/refund policies and requests as well as Covid-19 restriction advisory. More complex inquiries are routed to the customer service officers using AiChat’s conversational service suite’s live chat feature.

To drive engagement and promote event awareness, the SISTIC automated experience also delights customers by providing personalised recommendations for events and shows based on their preferences on the genre.

SISTIC Messenger Chatbot

Additionally, during the high traffic time like SISTIC’s sale campaigns and popular events such as The Script Greatest Hits Tour 2022 and One Love Asia Festival Singapore 2022, AiChat team was able to assist with training the bot for event-related FAQs in less than one day.

The Results

3X Increase in Operational Efficiency

By working with AiChat and adopting the conversational service solution, SISTIC effectively handled a large volume of customer inquiries while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Since the launch in January 2020, the brand has achieved the following results:

● 81% of customer enquiries resolved without human agent assistance
● 3.4X user growth (Messenger bot) - FY2021/FY2020
● 3X increase in operational efficiency