Whitepaper | Unleashing the potential of WhatsApp Marketing for business growth and scalability

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    WhatsApp Marketing, a method of chat marketing that is becoming increasingly popular, simply refers to advertising a brand on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Marketing involves using the WhatsApp Business Platform to connect with, engage, and target both current customers and new users.

    In this white paper, brands will get a chance to explore how WhatsApp works as a marketing channel, why and how to leverage WhatsApp marketing using the WhatsApp Business Platform and examine the role of AI in empowering businesses to deliver personalised customer experiences at scale.

    Key Results for A Retail Brand


    WhatsApp chatbot usage compared to pre-launch


    WhatsApp open rate versus 21.3% for email open rate


    uplift for WhatsApp chatbot usage - Q3 2022/Q4 2022