M1 Conversational Marketing Chatbot

Drive Customers Engagement & Acquisitions via Social Messaging

Success Story

M1 used AI-powered Facebook Messenger chatbot to increase customer engagement and acquisitions, resulting in 4.1x new user acquisition and generated more than 132,000 messages exchange and 1,700 unique videos created.

The Story

M1 is Singapore’s first digital network operator, providing a suite of communications services, including mobile, fixed line and fibre offerings, to over two million customers. Since the launch of commercial services in 1997, the mission is to drive transformation and evolution in Singapore’s telecommunications landscape through cutting-edge technology and made-to-measure offerings.

The Goal

Unveiling a new brand identity

M1’s recent brand refresh marks the beginning of a new phase in M1’s journey to grow into a truly digital and bespoke communication provider, M1 launched the “Be” campaign which is an ode to unique Singaporeans who dared to embrace their individuality, following their passion and beliefs to be the best in their own paths. To drive awareness of its new brand initiative and lead generation among its target audience, M1 needed to create a custom messaging experience that reflected its bright, friendly and innovative ethos.

The Solution

Here’s to you, your very own video.

With M1 standing for diversity of everyone with their authentic stories, what better way to celebrate the beauty of “Being you” than to invite all the followers to create personalised videos for someone unique and be a part of the “Be” stories.

Staying true to its new brand promise of “Made-to-Measure”, M1 created a Create-your-own-video engagement experience in FB Messenger by working with AiChat. Through its custom bot design, the campaign allowed potential customers to create a dynamic and personalised video for their loved ones.


To reach the right audience, campaign was amplified through organic Facebook and Instagram posts, emails and Click-to-Messenger (CTM) Ads. When audience clicked on the CTM ads or use keyword on the wall post comments, they were taken directly to the Messenger Experience.

Audience was quickly brought into the conversation flow, guided by the chatbot, to create their video. First, Audience selects a video template that best describes the personality of their loved one, next, craft a personalised message and upload photos of their choice. While the video was put together, the audience took a minute to get inspired by other brand refresh content and videos before freshly made video was presented within the same chat session. All this fun and simple interaction with customers were powered by AiChat Chatbot and Shakr Video Technology.

Customers could download the videos and send to their loved one privately or choose to share it on Facebook and Instagram feed and tagging them. Recipients were both surprised and delighted at receiving the video and in turn, they are encouraged to create new videos and pay the experience forward.

To excite customers further, they could also stand to win vouchers and grand prize by sharing on Facebook and Instagram by tagging more friends to raise awareness of the campaign.

Participants could get notified by the chatbot when the Grand Draw results are out, and vouchers are issued automatically in their private chat which they could redeem right away. This added a layer of convenience for customers to refer back when the conversation stays in Messenger, an easily accessible spot for re-engagement and discovery of new content and promotions.

The Results

A successful brand engagement

Through a simple and fun video creation managed by chatbot in Messenger, and running Facebook ads, M1 reached the desired audience and successfully raised the awareness of its brand refresh. The 2 months campaign has achieved the following results:

● Reached an estimated 398,000+ people on social media
● 4.1x New users acquired on Messenger
● 1,700 videos generated and shared on FB & IG
● 4.9X more open rate vs email

With all the customer data and insighted gathered, M1 is continuing to explore how it can expand its Conversational experience and create future data-driven messaging campaigns, as it looks to reinforce its commitment to be a customer-centric company.

“Conversational marketing will be an important touch point in the near future. Being able to communicate and promote our brand through Messenger has proven to be effective in driving awareness and customer engagement. We are definitely happy with the initial results, and beyond excited to partner with AiChat on ideating further on the bot for Messenger.”

– Kim Jieun, Assistant General Manager, Performance & Digital Marketing at M1

Increase Customer Engagement and Acquisitions via Conversational Marketing


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