Philips Lighting Singapore

Empowering Conversational Commerce and Driving Sales via Messenger

Philips Lighting (Signify) launched its first eCommerce chatbot on their Singapore Facebook page, allowing users to get closer to the brand, products and promotions through Facebook’s messenger platform. The virtual assistant was built to provide customers a round-the-clock assistance in making their lighting purchase decisions just by interacting with the chatbot and make purchases from the platform itself. Besides being the first lighting provider to officially launch a Facebook Messenger Bot, this is also an inaugural initiative by the company to educate consumers on installing the right lights at home.

The Challenge

Philips Lighting’s desire was to provide the best solution for every need in the easiest way possible for users. Their vision was to enable a connection via chat to bring light beyond illumination to Singaporean households, connecting their home lighting systems to the Internet of Things - viable first steps in building homes in a Smart Nation.

The Solution

Hosted on Facebook Messenger, the chatbot was implemented as an interactive channel for Philips Lighting to increase engagement with its customers. From enquiry to sales and after sales support, the chatbot was designed for the different stages of a customer's journey.

The chatbot was designed to enable users to search for Philips Lighting products via product search or get recommendations from a quick indication of preferences, like the type of lighting product and colour temperatures. Consequently, customers would then be presented with product details such as product specifications and price of the most ideal matches. A seamless add-to-cart function is also available for customers to check out via a payment gateway - all within the chatbot. Upon completing the purchase, the chatbot would update users on the order number and status, as well as provide handy after-sales information such as product collection and warranty details.

Besides the evergreen Customer Service and Sales/After sales support, Philips Lighting also ran messaging activation campaigns to generate new leads and re-engage their audiences.


Signify Singapore organized a Philips Lighting Sale at their Philips Lighting Light Lab on 23-24 November 2019 and was looking to enable the chatbot to help drive footfall to the event. This was facilitated primarily by their push for user engagement with their chatbot via Facebook wall post contest and the ‘Acquire from comments’ function.


Signify Singapore was looking to on-board more users on the chatbot and attract users to the Philips Lighting flagship store on Lazada for sales. This was facilitated by running Facebook Click-to-Messenger ads for one week prior to the sale, enabling users to subscribe to receive an exclusive promotion code whereby they can apply an additional 5% discount to their Lazada purchase. The campaign also included 3 Philips appliances giveaway to 3 lucky winners who have made a purchase on Lazada with the chatbot promotion code.

The Results

Through this, Philips Lighting gained insights to their customer segmentation and product interests via the chat solution to better understand their customers. Insights from the data collected also enabled Philips Lighting to launch marketing and sales campaign activations to reach, engage and sell more effectively. As a result, Philips Lighting increased their chatbot customer base by 2.3X from 2017 to 2019. The percentage of requests handled by bot was 78%, with an impressively high customer retention rate of 25.3%. Moving forward, Philips Lighting looks to further enhance their customers' journeys by extending the utility of the chatbot to their Lighting Lab in-store sales.

The Carnival Sales "Guess & Win" campaign helped Philips Lighting heighten engagement with their customers through a contest to drive online to offline sales at their lighting showroom sale. Total messenger connections increased by 30x with a sales conversion rate of 9.5%. The "12.12 Philips x Lazada Sale" campaign engaged Philips Lighting chatbot users via messaging to drive sales on their flagship store on Lazada. Total message connections increased by 14x with sales conversion rate of 12%.