FWD Thailand

Generating more insurance quotes with Facebook ads that click to Messenger and AI-Powered Chatbot

Success Story

To boost quote conversion rates by 5X, the insurance company worked with Meta Business Partner AiChat to build a Messenger-powered conversational experience, then promoted it with ads that click to Messenger.

The Story

FWD Group is a life insurance business that serves millions of customers across Southeast Asia. FWD Thailand was founded in 2013, and offers insurance products covering health, life savings, retirement, disability and family.

The Goal

Chatting with tech-savvy customers

FWD Thailand was looking to earn better quality leads at a lower cost for its “E-Cancer” campaign.

"Nowadays, customers expect to receive information quickly and easily, and businesses need to keep up with the times. We worked with FWD Thailand to implement a Messenger-centric solution that catered best to their target audience. We are happy to announce that the insurance company has since seen a considerable boost in quote conversion rates, while keeping costs low." – Kester Poh, Co-Founder CEO, AiChat

The Solution

Faster conversations

FWD Thailand had previously been using Messenger as a customer communication channel. To improve the offering, FWD Thailand partnered with Meta Business Partner AiChat to develop an automated experience that made it easy for people to receive quotes for its insurance products via Messenger. The team also created conversational scripts tailored to specific products, especially its cancer-protection offerings.


To spread the word about its messaging solution, FWD Thailand ran a campaign of photo ads that click to Messenger. These “E-Cancer” ads had a Send Message call to action that, when clicked, opened a conversation in Messenger where people could ask questions about FWD Thailand’s products and receive quotes. If people wanted to purchase, they could click through to the insurance company’s website. For comparison, FWD Thailand also ran its business-as-usual campaign of photo ads, which directed people to its website.

FWD Thailand served both campaigns to a lookalike audience based on a Custom Audience of existing customers. The insurance company also targeted people interested in insurance, as well as those who followed its Facebook Page and had recently visited its website.

The Results

FWD Thailand ran an A/B test comparing the performance of ads that click to Messenger to its business-as-usual campaign, and saw the following for its November 21–December 31, 2021 campaign:

● 5.4X more quote conversion rates from ads that click to Messenger than from business-as-usual campaign that clicked to website
● 5.6X lower cost per quote from ads that click to Messenger than from business-as-usual campaign that clicked to website

“We want to be where our customers are and offer our insurance services across several digital touchpoints. So, we decided to get creative and experiment with Messenger. We partnered with AI software expert AiChat to set up a conversational Messenger experience and learned that ads that click to Messenger efficiently earned high-quality leads for our E-Cancer campaign.”

– Padon Jeffrey Chirasanti, Head of Digital Sales, FWD Thailand

Automating customer interactions with insurance chatbot


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