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Success Story

CooperVision worked with AiChat to launch its new daily contact lenses on social media by creating an offer that is only redeemable via Facebook Messenger. The campaign saw 82% registration of those who chatted, and of which 42.8% redeemed the free trial. Those who came through referrals, 85% completed registration.

The Story

CooperVision is one of the world’s leading contact lens companies, serving eye care professionals and lens wearers globally. The latest of their product – the Live® 1 Day Daily Contact Lenses was set to launch in Q2 of 2021. However, with the evolving pandemic, things were uncertain.

The Goal

Launching a new product

Faced with MCO (Movement Control Order) lockdown in 2021, CooperVision’s sales was impacted when restriction on the movement of Malaysians were imposed. Many retailers were shut during this period and consumers were less than willing to head out from the comforts of their homes. People increasingly turn to social media for their entertainment and shopping needs. Instead of waiting for customers to gradually return when the lock down measures were lifted, CooperVision was quick to devise a strategy to pique the interest of their customers to the new product.

The Solution

CooperVision worked with AiChat to create a campaign where customers could learn about its new contact lenses and sign up to receive free trial.

Although sales of new product was not expected to pick up overnight in view of the pandemic situation, it was opportune time for CooperVision to position the daily lenses as a way for Users to save money from spending on monthly lenses if they were staying indoors, and instead, change to daily lenses when they needed to head out for special occasion once or twice a week.

The campaign was brought to life with a series of FB posts that were boosted via R&F buying as well as the reach through Social influencers. Audiences are drawn to the campaign via Facebook Ads through which they can click on the Apply Now button to start the registration.

The bot is powered to handle the registration, and with marketing automation, reminders are scheduled to customers when actions are not completed.

Bot also attends to all the FAQs from Users by drawing answers from the knowledge base and understanding their questions using proprietary Artificial Intelligence.

With the registration mechanism in place, Users could go through the sign up journey through a few simple chats.

Users could also self-serve on Facebook Messenger to find more information regarding how to wear the content lenses or how to have proper care for the eyes, locate an optical store, or leave a message with Customer Care.

The Results

In phase 1 and 2, with over 11.2 million impressions delivered, the reach was 7.8m with 462,919 click posts.

We saw 4,200+ users initiating the registration process via chat. Of which 45% registered, and 1 in 3 went on to complete the redemption of the free trial packs.

In phase 3, a single December month saw a smashing 1.6X more registration as compared to Phase 1 and 2 combined.

● 82.8% completed registration.
● Of which 42.8% redeemed the free trial
● 4.5% of the registrants came from referrals

Next day reminders brought back 22% of those who had drop off from registration. And out of those who received reminders for redemption 5 days later, 41% went on to complete the redemption.

With the success we see, there’s opportunity for CooperVision to further tap into the customer attributes and follow up with customers via chat to extend the customer journey of driving consideration after lenses trial and finally converting them into buying customers.

“With AiChat’s Chatbot that we have now on CooperVision Malaysia Facebook page, things have become much easier not just for us but also for the consumers.

The journey has become much simpler for consumers to reach us for any enquiry. In addition, our redemption program has shown successful results especially in the recent months in driving awareness and ultimately conversion.

We are looking forward to have more support and further collaboration with AiChat in our upcoming plans!”

– Emily Wong, Marketing Manager at CooperVision Malaysia

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